Week 1 Winner of “If we don’t get to break something soon I’m gonna go nuts.”

Casey Jones was bonkers, which is why I loved him. There was something about a psychotic vigilante chasing down criminals that really appealed to me as a kid. It was for this reason that I chose Casey Jones for the first giveaway for the Garage Sale of Awesome.

Casey Jones will now be making his way to home of Patrick Stoddard. Congrats Patrick! I sent Patrick a few questions to learn more about his collection and what motivates him to collect.

My question was of course in regards to what he collects. He told me that the bulk of his collection consists of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Batman. As with most of us, his reason for collecting was that these were the toys that he grew up on.

I tried to determine if there was a piece in his collection that was his favorite, but Patrick told me that he couldn’t pick a favorite because he liked them all.

I enquired about two of my favourite past times from my youth: cereal, cartoons and movies. Patricks favourite movies from the past include Batman, TMNT, and He Man. He didn’t eat a lot of cereal so he couldn’t pick a favourite.

In hearing that Patrick collected both TMNT & Batman it made me think of how awesome a crossover movie that would make. As I dream of the TMNT/Batman crossover, Casey Jones is stalking his way through the postal system.

Hope you enjoy it Patrick.

The next giveaway will be announced on Thursday September 5th in the Garage Sale of Awesome newsletter.  I’ll also be giving away another TMNT related item via a few trivia questions.  Make sure you are signed up for the newsletter to order to be eligable to win.

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