Who Wants This Ray Stantz Figure (Don’t Look Behind you Ray!)

Was Ray Stantz the best Ghostbuster? I’m really not sure.  When pressed to think of who my favourite Ghostbuster is I would have to say Peter Venkman, but I feel that so many people would have him as his favourite. I don’t like to follow the herd, and most of the time I root for the underdog.  I bet not many people would select Ray as their favourite Ghostbuster.  Ray is my favourite, it has been decided.

This week I am giving away my favourite Ghostbuster action figure, would you like to add this figure to your collection? All you have to do is follow the steps listed out below:

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  2. Leave a comment below. You can indicate who your favourite Ghostbuster is, and why.
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  4. Stay tuned to your email in case you are the winner. I’ll select a winner on July 26th 2014, and email them then.

As always I will do a random draw from the comments below, contact the winner, and then ship out the prize.

21 responses to “Who Wants This Ray Stantz Figure (Don’t Look Behind you Ray!)”

  1. john atherton says:

    Dr. Peter Venkman is the best Ghostbuster, simply due to the fact that he lands the very hot Sigourney Weaver

  2. Antoine "80s Guy" Jenkins says:

    My favorite Ghostbuster was Egon. He was always calm and scientific yet for all of his genius he was completely oblivious to Janeen’s feelings for him. All of that made him a fascinating character. Not to mention his hair was awesome.

    • armin says:

      Ive always like Slimer,I know that he is not a ghostbuster, but he is part of the team. I’ve always like goofy characters and what can i say green is my favorite color..

  3. Anthony Boyd says:

    Egon. We both had a thing for fungus (in the comics he collected fungus)!

  4. Gary says:

    Winston. Because he comes in from the “real” world and learns very quickly that if someone asks you if you’re a God, you SAY YES!

    Plus when I was young, in part 2, when they’re in the old subway – the ghosts doing the whole “WIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNSSSSSTOOOOONNNNNN” thing then the heads on pikes? Scariest thing in the films for sure!

  5. Terry McCune says:

    are you kidding me? Ray was totally the best, I’ve always been a huge Akroyd fan , and his character here is fab, I would love to ring him home with me 🙂

  6. Matt MacNabb says:

    most definitely Egon! He was always my favorite in the cartoons and movies, because he was so intelligent.

  7. Joe kopel says:

    Egon has to be my favorite cause we share the geek persona. Just as I’m a fan of Donatello! Its the geek persona or the underdog mentality that I just really connect with either way, Egon is my man and I’m sticking to it. Geeks Rule!

  8. Chris Hall says:

    Egon is my favorite as well because he always seemed to have the answer to everything

  9. BRIAN STARNER says:

    EGON SPANGLER he was always sooooo serious

  10. Mark Callais says:

    The football player ghost was my favorite!

  11. brian marsh says:

    I love the ghost busters toys and cartoon i found an egon toy right before harald ramaos passed so yes i want the all the toys please pick me haha

  12. Jonathan says:

    I used to have the Ghostbusters Firestation and many many of the toys. Such good memories playing with them. Wish I never gave them up.

  13. JD says:

    I like Winston zeddemore, as he enjoys twinkles.

  14. Patrick Foster says:

    Egon was my favorite. Maybe cause I was very much like him growing up.

  15. Kody Smith says:

    I had this as a kid, but it’s been lost for years now. My favorite Ghostbuster has always been Louis Tully, even though he isn’t really a Ghostbuster.

  16. Chris Matthews says:

    Honestly I always liked Ray and Winston but if I had to pick between the two, it would be Winston. He comes in as a skeptic just looking for a steady paycheck but ends up seeing things that will turn you white and becoming a bit more of a believer of the supernatural and the unexplained. He’s proof that seeing is believing!

  17. Jesse says:

    Ray was always my favorite of Ghostbusters. His childlike whimsy and love for life really spoke to me. Not to mention I’ve always been a huge fan of Dan Aykroyd’s. I actually had this toy as a kid, but if memory serves me correctly, it got chewed apart by my friend’s dog. I would be elated if I win, but still wish everyone else good luck!

  18. Jacob Montoya says:

    Peter Venkman. For two reasons…he was played by Bill Murray and he sang on the Statue of Liberty. He also had the best back and forth with Slimer on The Real Ghostbusters.

  19. Ryan Truster says:

    I always liked Ray he seemed more down to earth and real to me as a kid watching the old cartoon series.

  20. Gabriella says:

    Ray stantz. Because I have meet he in 2013 He was my favourite. He is best,Sweet and friends. 🙂

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