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Who Wants This Cobra Soldier?

cobra soldierLast week I started a new series on the website which I call the “Who Wants It” series. The first giveaway was a 3 pack of  Indiana Jones VHS movies. This week it’s all about GI Joe.

Up for grabs this week is this Cobra soldier figure. In order to have a chance to win this figure, all you have to do is complete the following 3 steps:

  1. Make sure you are a member of the Garage Sale of Awesome. If you are not a member already, it is free to join, so head to the sign up page.
  2. Leave a comment below. You can indicate you want this figure, or just share a fond Gi Joe/Cobra memory.
  3. Stay tuned to your email in case you are the winner. I’ll select a winner on January 18th 2013, and email them then.

There is a  4th optional step, but it is not required, nor will it get you extra entries. It will make me feel awesome in that more people can find my site: share this post on Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus / Write a post on your blog or what ever your social media of choice is. So at this point I pose the question:

Would you like to own this Cobra Soldier action figure?

40 responses to “Who Wants This Cobra Soldier?”

  1. Armin Nisperos Rivera says:


  2. One of the first GI Joe sets i had was the hammerhead battletank. I know i don't have all the pieces but i think it is still at my parents house.

  3. Ruben Naranjo says:

    Dam. Too late to win it. I love the cobra soldiers. Theyre just so cool

  4. The first G.I. Joe I ever got was Duke, I remember looking at thinking his uniform was just so cool. I grew up in a military family and wondered why the uniforms I saw in real life never looked like the Joes. 🙂

  5. Actually, you are still in the running, as for some reason I had the wrong date in the post. It should have said Jan 18th, not the 4th. The post is updated and you still have a chance.

  6. Ian Aragon says:

    I need more Cobra troops. Who else is gonna stand in the line of fire for Cobra Commander? HAha! Actually it would look great on my super team-up battle royal shelf. Its basically Shredder, Cobra Commander and Mum-Ra and their evil followers vs. The Joe's, the Turtles, Cheetara and Earthworm Jim. I'll post a pic on your Facebook page.

  7. Right on! I'd love to see that.

  8. Ruben Naranjo says:

    Oh momma

  9. I found a GI Joe that I later found out was named Storm Shadow at a garage sale when I was younger and ever since then I still have great memories of having him team up with my Ghost busters action figures to fight ghosts, monsters,dinosaurs, etc. Good times…lol

  10. I remember the animated movie VERY fondly!

  11. LOL, this comment actually belongs to my husband!

  12. James Knisely says:

    building quite the nice little cobra collection to pass on to my son when he is ready. have quite a lot of joes' so looking to raise a cobra army.

  13. Debra Preston says:


  14. Debra Preston says:


  15. Armando Torres says:

    I want this. Although it's not really a Cobra Officer…

  16. Xavier Anderson says:

    Yes Please

  17. me me me I had this when I was a kid

  18. Brett Brady says:

    Love all Cobra trooper figures.

  19. Right, its just a Cobra Soldier

  20. Matt Frank says:

    I never owned this one…I don't want it .. I need it!!

  21. Donnie L Dee says:

    I remember playing with the neighbors gijoes because I was not allowed to have my own. I used to have a blast. He had all of the vehicles and figures. Good times

  22. Edward Sandstrom says:

    I grew up with my uncles' collection and it later became my own. Moving and deploying a lot made it difficult to continue collecting. During a yard sale, a boy asked me if I had any toys for sale. He wanted to play with his father, who is a fellow Soldier. I sold majority of it to him and have slowly began collecting again.

  23. Jason Gamble says:


  24. James N Ashley says:

    i would love to have this g.i joe figure

  25. I loved the show as a kid and had a ton of the toys, along with Transformers and He-Men it made up the bulk of my action figures.

  26. Curtis Days says:

    They will never have a line of figures with the quantity or quality of vehicles/bases that the Joe's had. They had some amazing accessories.

  27. Travis Craig says:

    I remember going to a friends house and going in his basement and seeing the FLAGG and being so jealous

  28. Larry Decoste says:

    I remember when I was 12 yrs old and I won a 1000 dollar shopping spree at toys for joy and i bought a huge amount of Gijoe fiqures it was awesome …Cobra Rules

  29. Stuart Cunningham says:

    I loved G.I.Joe as a kid, and kept all my figures. Now as a dad, my boys are loving all the ones I had too. The newer ones are cool, but just nothing like the originals. Yo Joe!

  30. Mike Edwards says:

    Some of my favorite memories growing up are me and my brother playing GI Joes. Making up our own alliances, factions and personalities for our figures. Storm Shadow and the Dreadnocks are my all time favorite figures, but I'm not going to say no to a free old school figure.

  31. I've got my nephew nagging me for my old Joes.

  32. Oh man! That sounds like a dream!

  33. Kevin James Breaux says:

    I love GI JOE. Above my writing desk is a movie poster-sized print of issue #49 of the comic. The one with Destro and Dr. Mindbender carrying a mummy.

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