Who Wants These V Comic Books?


This week in the “Who wants it?” series I am giving away these “V” comic books that I pick up at a garage sale last weekend. As a kid I was freaked out by this series, but just looking at the comics has a huge nostalgia factor. I had a quick flip through them and now it is time to pass them onto another person.

Do you want these V comics?

If you would like to add these comics to your collection, then all you have to do is follow the steps listed out below:

  1. Make sure you are a member of the Garage Sale of Awesome. If you are not a member already, it is free to join, so head to the sign up page.
  2. Leave a comment below. You can indicate you want the comics, or just share a fond memory or story about the V series..
  3. Click the Facebook button at the bottom of this post.
  4. Stay tuned to your email in case you are the winner. I’ll select a winner on July 5th 2014, and email them then.

As always I will do a random draw from the comments below, contact the winner, and then ship out the prize.

13 responses to “Who Wants These V Comic Books?”

  1. gene barnstable says:

    Loved this show……
    have all the books

  2. Terry Pedersen Jr says:

    I have always loved the entire V series. I have even read all the novels. I didn’t know they had a comic series…I must have…!

  3. Patrick Foster says:

    That show freaked me out as a kid.

  4. Trevor Sowers says:

    I would love to have these. I don’t even remember these from the time, but I remember V was a big deal. Everyone at school was talking about it.

  5. Jason says:

    I loved the show as a kid… would love to read these comics!

  6. Jesse Lafferty says:

    I remember the series! Loved it!

  7. Jason Burks says:

    I was a HUGE fan of the original miniseries back in the day and really liked the recent incarnation as well. I was really disappointed when it wasn’t renewed for another season. They left us hanging, with it appearing that the Visitors had won. Not cool! Anyway, I would love to have this set of V comics from back in the day!

  8. Jim says:

    My brother and I LoVED this growing up! XD

  9. Matt Stilwell says:

    I loved V when I was a kid. I had the dolls where the faces would come off and show the alien underneath. I would love to have these comics.

  10. Erick says:

    V was on when I was in high school. I loved it and never missed an episode. I have the trading cards, but for some reason I never had the comics.

  11. Roxie says:

    I would love these for my Nerd Room

  12. pigfart666 says:

    i would love to get this in comic form

  13. Kody Smith says:

    I only vaguely remember this show. I watched it as a kid, and I know I liked it then, even though it probably scared me a little. Anyway, I’m a big comics geek, so this would be a cool prize to win.