The Garage Sale of Awesome is Ready!

I bought the domain name a few years ago with the plan to create a mapping system for garage sales in my area.  I tested a few ideas and in the end decided that using Google Maps was the best way to plan my garage sale routes.  My next idea for the domain was to create an ecommerce site and have everything that I own for sale.  I thought it would be cool to think that at any moment someone could purchase my bed, or my computer, or force me to go command by buying all my boxer shorts…

My plans for the Garage Sale of Awesome fell to wayside and the domain began to collect dust.  Even though I was not using the domain I still renewed it over the past few years just in case I needed it.  I’m a collector; I like to keep things.

Every once in a while I come back to the domain with an idea, but nothing ever materializes. Until now. I’m hoping that this latest venture will accomplish 2 goals:

  1. Help me free up space in my home by giving away my found treasure to other people.
  2. Justify the fact that I keep renewing the domain.

At this point this website is all about giving away my treasure.  I have no idea what it will evolve into, but if anyone has any ideas please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or use the contact form to send me a message.  I’m planning to have the first giveaway the week of August 11th, but I still haven’t decided what it will be.  Sign up to the Garage Sale of Awesome and find out what the first item will be!

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