swap meet haul

Swap Meet Finds: Getting Up Early For Nostalgic Treasure

swap meet haul

As a kid I was up every single Saturday at 6:00am and ready to spend a solid amount of time with a bowl of Mr T cereal, and my saturday morning cartoons.  Nowadays I am awoken at 6:00am by my small children running into my room screaming “Good morning Mommy & Daddy!” Each morning I grumble and get out of bed to slowly start my day.

Today I decided to take that early start and do something awesome with it. There is a swap meet near my house that starts at 7:00am, so I decided that I should see what it is like really early in the morning.  Most times when I do go to this swap meet, I get there around 10:00 or 11:00.  Whenever I arrive mid-morning my fear was that there was a lot of cool stuff at the swap meet earlier, but I had missed it.  Today I confirmed my fear: there is a ton of cool stuff when you go early.

Ghost Busting Biker Mice


The first vendor I saw had  small bowl of Ghostbuster figures & Biker Mice from Mars.  This first transaction was going to start the tone of the day, so I asked very meekly “How much for these figures.”  The lady wanted $0.25 each. I giggle a bit on the inside and paid my $2. Today was off to a good start.

A Pile of GI Joes


At the very next vendor I spied a pile of action figures, most of which were GI Joes.  I looked at the pile and asked the lady how much she wanted for the whole pile.  She answered with “No.” I was expecting a number as a response so I must have looked quite puzzled.  She then said she wanted $2 each for the GI Joes. I picked up a few guys that I recognized as Sgt. Slaughter’s Renegades, as well as a few others.  I saw Strongheart from the Dungeons and Dragons action figures, so I had to pick him up as well. I offered the lady $15 for the 7 Joes, and Strongheart.

A Bag of Army Ants


The next find was very random.  I saw a large display of modern day kids toys, and walked over. I picked up small book, and underneath was a bag of Army Ants that was marked as $3. It was some crazy 6th sense that pulled me to that find.  The cool part was that a few of them still had their weapons. A great score for $3!

A Few Random He Man Figures

He Man Figures

When I cruise through a swap meet I try to keep my eyes low.  Typically the items on the tables are more expensive, and its the miscellaneous tubs of toys that have the real treasure for a great price.  In this case there was a mix of more modern action figures with a few He Man figures mixed in. I managed a steal for those figures at $0.25 each

Don’t Call Me a Brony!


My wife makes fun of me, the man selling the Ponies made fun of me and I’m sure someone else will call me a Brony.  The fact is that when I see My Little Ponies, I grab them. If they are in good condition and can be cleaned up, they can fetch a good price on eBay.  In this case I bought a whole pile of Ponies for $35. I will clean up as many of them as I can and sell them on eBay for $15-$20 each, and that will allow me to break even for my purchases today. In fact it could bring in a little profit so that I can have some money to spend next week when I get up early again.

Keep, Sell, Giveaway?

I’ll likely clean up the ponies and sell the ones that I can to break even. I plan on keeping the GI Joes for myself. The GI Joe’s, He Man, Biker Mice and Ghostbusters will probably end up being given away to the Garage Sale of Awesome members.

3 responses to “Swap Meet Finds: Getting Up Early For Nostalgic Treasure”

  1. I wouldn't mind that Mech-a-neck figure….He'd make a perfect friend for Stinkor and Man-e-faces, the two remaining Masters figures from my childhood, which have a place of honour on my 80s cartoon dvd shelf.

  2. James Matthew Campbell says:

    I wouldn't mind the Ghostbusters. I had them as a kid they each came with a ghost.

  3. Ghostbusters are totally awesome finds. Nicely done.

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