A Solid Ninja Turtle Score. No Garage Sales or Swap Meets Required.


Sadly, there were no garage sales or swap meet visits this weekend. Life was a bit busy, and I just couldn’t make it fit within my scheduled.  I tried to make it happen, but I just couldn’t do it.  I hit up two local thrift stores this past week with zero finds as well.  Thankfully I did find a solid score from an ad on a local classified website. I saw the ad while I was randomly cruising the classified site and got super excited as I very rarely see any old toys get listed on the site.

The Ad Simply Stated: “$100 1980s Ninja Turtles”

Short simple and to the point. I quickly scanned the figures in the picture and found there were 21 figures listed.  I had no idea about the condition as the description just said: “Missing Leonardo – 6 collector cards, collect case with some weapons.” I figured $100 was a good price for $21 figures especially considered there were some weapons involved.  Now, because I give away toys, and need to at least break even with my “Zero Balance Collection” in order to continue the Garage Sale of Awesome, I had to get a better price.  I sent a quick email asking a question, and the buying responded right away answering my question.  I then sent a quick reply with a price offer.  I wanted to go low, but not so low that the seller would ignore me.  I tried for $70 hoping they would counter with $80.  Instead they accepted the offer of $70.  I did a happy dance.

used ad tmnt

I met up with the seller later that day, and had a chat about nostalgia and toy collecting in general.  I told him that I planned on adding a few to my personal collection (ie for me and my son), and would give away a bunch.  When he heard that my son and I would be playing with them he said that he could sell for $60.  Super nice guy! Now I just have to decide which are keepers and which figures will be going into the GSA giveaways.

The Personal Collection

tmnt keepersThere were a few figures in the lot that I do not have in my personal collection.  Here is the list of figures that I will be keeping for my boy and I to play with:

  • Rat King
  • Krang
  • Napoleon Bonafrog
  • General Traag
  • Scumbar



The Rest

With the figures I am keeping that leaves 16 figures with 7 card files, and an assortment of weapons.  I also have the collector case that can fit 12 figures. All in all it is a pretty exciting score.

Keep, Sell, Giveaway?

Of the figures that are leftover I will see which ones can be used to break even, and then add the rest to the Garage Sale of Awesome prize pile. I’ll have to sort through the weapons and see which one are close to being complete, and perhaps hunt down more weapons. I know I won’t keep the case, as I don’t collect cases, but I have a cool idea of how to get rid of it…

3 responses to “A Solid Ninja Turtle Score. No Garage Sales or Swap Meets Required.”

  1. Evan H. says:

    Good blog. I have a decent sized collection myself. My faves being TMNT and Ghostbusters. I also have toxic crusaders and Stone Protectors. Ever try value village? I have made many a good haul there. Cheers.

    • Chris Whiteley says:

      I do hit up the Village every so often. My location only has toys in pre-packaged bags so quite often you have to buy a whole bag of crappy toys just to get a single figure. I’ll do this every once in a while and then give away to remaining toys to kids in my neighborhood.

      What is one or two of the coolest things you found at Value Village?

  2. megaold says:

    Awesome, I would love these figures. I got a Fonzie and original 12 inch Luke Skywalker from The Village.

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