Mask Bed Sheets

I recently stumbled upon the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, which is pretty much a network of awesome bloggers that share the same passion for Nostalgia that I have. Each week a topic is assigned and each member of the group cooks up an awesome post.

This weeks assignment was “I’m Feeling Blue.”

It was a photo assignment, which is generally quite easy, but I wanted to come up with a photo that was unique and likely not posted by any of the other members. I ran through my collection trying to find something that was blue, awesome and unique. And then it hit me:

Mask Bedsheets!

As a kid when all of my friends had Star Wars bed sheets, my parents had to make sure I was different (example, while all my friends had Reebok Pumps, I had Kmart Traxx), which is why I ended up with these sheets. My assumption was that these sheets were less expensive than the Star Wars sheets.

A few of the other bloggers came up with some fun photos.  Here are a few of my favs:  Muppet Babies Lunch boxes, a Van Gogh quote related to blue, orange and an action figure, and a super rad blue Boglin.

Now, the assignment was blue, which these sheets are, however, seeing these sheets also invokes a bit of sadness as I know that they will never fulfill their destiny of keeping someone warm during a slumber. They just sit in my closet while I decide what to do with them. I keep thinking that I should invoke the help of my crafty neighbor to turn them into a bean bag chair, but I’m just not sure.

If you have any ideas as to what I should do with the sheets, please share your ideas in the comment section.

7 responses to “Mask Bed Sheets”

  1. Shawn Robare says:

    You know, I've seen a lot of rad vintage sheets like these turned into pretty sweet "Hawaiian" style dress shirts. I have a friend in Australia that recently sent me one he made out of Real Ghostbusters sheets! Anyway, awesome idea for the photo assignment.

  2. I love that idea! I'll have to run it by my crafty neighbour.

  3. Manny Galan says:

    These are very cool and I never saw them before. My favorite bed sheets were SMURFS and STAR WARS. My wife used vintage Golden Books type bed sheets to make curtains for my daughters room so I might have to troll ebay and have her make me a M.A.S.K blazer for work.

  4. This show was so slept on by people… It was good!

  5. I have a set of curtains that go with the duvet cover. If you can convince your wife to make to make 2 blazers from the curtains (1 for you, one for me), I'll send them off to you.

  6. Laura says:

    Hey there! I found your blog through your Garage Sale of Awesome giveaway. Someone else posted a link on their facebook and I was browsing your blog out of curiosity before I signed up. But also to kinda see if you’re legit because your offer is too amazing!
    And thanks for the linkup, I always wonder who’s reading and where they could possibly be coming from. It’s such an interesting thread of thought……
    As for the sheets, I am not going to be helpful. I have tons of vintage nostalgic sheets that I buy for projects but I can never bring myself to cut them. I can barely let my kids use them to sleep on and everyone who sleeps over asks “Which ones are off limits?” 😉

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