Who Wants These Indiana Jones VHS Movies?

Indiana Jones VHS Cassettes

I was cruising through the thrift store yesterday and came across these Indiana Jones VHS cassettes. I quite often enjoy the Nostalgia of VHS movies; Those awesome frustrations that came along with VHS such as rewinding, tracking, and of course that rad crunching noise the VCR makes when you press the VHS tape in.

The Thrift Store Wall of VHS Took Control of Me.

dark crystal posterWhile staring at this wall of VHS movies, I was taken back to my childhood.  I recall cruising through the movie store staring at all these awesome boxes. I loved the movie artwork from the 80s. I fondly remember the cover of the Dark Crystal, and being excited to finally be allowed to rent it. Unfortunately, it scared the shit out of my sister and we could never rent it again. Every time we would visit that video store, I would look for the Dark Crystal and ask if my sister was big enough yet to watch it. She never was, and because of this we would always settle for Pete’s Dragon instead.

I stood in front of the thrift store wall of VHS tapes for a few minutes drifting off into my fond nostalgic memories. When I finally came back to reality, I spied the Indiana Jones VHS tapes. All three movies were in a row, and all three were soon in my hands.

I Now Have These Indiana Jones VHS Movies To Give Away.

Last month I gave away a copy of the Never Ending Story on VHS, and wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in it. As it turns out, the randomly drawn winner was in fact a VHS collector. While I do not own a VCR, I can see the interest in collecting: much like books, these VHS tapes look really cool on a shelf. With this in mind, I assume that there are more people that collect VHS, and there is someone out there who wants these Indiana Jones VHS tapes.

A New Garage Sale of Awesome Giveaway.

This week I launch a new giveaway opportunity for the Garage Sale of Awesome. Each week I will write a post about a nostalgic item, and then ask who would like it. As always I will do a random draw and send the prize to the winner. In order to win these Indiana Jones VHS tapes all you have to do is the following:

  1. Make sure you are a member of the Garage Sale of Awesome. If you are not a member already, it is free to join, so head to the sign up page.
  2. Leave a comment below. You can indicate you want the VHS movies, or just share a fond Movie / Indiana Jones / VHS memory.
  3. Stay tuned to your email in case you are the winner. I’ll select a winner on January 4th 2013, and email them then.

There is a  4th optional step, but it is not required, nor will it get you extra entries. It will make me feel awesome in that more people can find my site: share this post on Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus / Write a post on your blog or what ever your social media of choice is. So at this point I pose the question:

Would you like to own these Indiana Jones VHS tapes?

5 responses to “Who Wants These Indiana Jones VHS Movies?”

  1. Ironically the first vhs I remember watching was The Neverending Story.

  2. Raiders Of The Lost Ark was the best action movie!!!

  3. I picked up a "new" VCR [only $1.99..!] at my local thrift shop earlier in the year, but wasn't sure if it'd work. Not wanting to sacrifice any tapes from my collection, I picked up a copy of Temple of Doom to test it out. The player worked perfectly, better than my more modern VCR/DVD combo unit, and I had a wonderful time revisiting an old favorite in the best of outdated mediums.

  4. Jason Burks says:

    Absolutely! I still watch and collect VHS tapes on occasion. Would love to add these items to my collection. I love these films!

  5. VHS movies are always good for the cottage.

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