The Barnyard Collection (and this weeks winners)


The prizes that were given away this week were: Transformers the Movie DVD and a Battle Damage Skeletor figure. I’m kind of glad to be getting rid of Skeletor. He just sat at my desk and when I was bored I would just, click, click, reset, click, click, reset.

The winner of the Transformers DVD was Zachary Oakes. Congrats Zachary! Enjoy the watching the saddest movie ever.

This weeks trivia prize was won by Curtis Days. He won a Skeletor figure through the random trivia draw. I shared a few emails back and forth with Curtis and learned that he converting his barn into a “Man Cave” filled with his collection. I asked him to share some pictures and he sent along these

I was really intrigued by this “Barn Collection” so I sent along a few questions asking Curtis about his collecting style and Nostalgia.

How did you start collecting?

I’m the youngest of 5 brothers. We lived out in the country so we had to create our own entertainment. My brothers had a few Star Wars figures. I took it to the next level when I got my first Ninja Turtle (Raphael) after that, it was an obsession.

What types of things do you collect and why?

I’ll forever collect Ninja Turtles. I really like looking at “mixed lots” on eBay. I will buy any kind of action figure that catches my eye. I’ve always been a McFarlane fan. I love his raw and gritty style. (Tortured Souls, Carnival, horror classics). I also used to really be in to WWF (E) figures. When they were the bone crunching action style.

What is your favorite item in your collection and why?

That’s really tough. I would say along the lines of a playset: The Technodrome. As far as an actually figure, I’d probably say my first Raphael. Sentimental reasons.

How do you acquire items for your collection?

Mostly garage sales or Craigslist. I’m always open to buy but I’m not usually looking too hard. I’ve purchased from eBay a few times. If I have a little extra cash from a side job I might look for certain things.

Any tips you would like to share on how to build a good collection?

Join forums. Ask questions. It’s always fun to surf eBay without a real purpose. Just to see what’s out there and how much things are going for. In my opinion, buying “lots” of figures (multiple figures at once) is your best bet.

cripsy critters cereal

What was your favorite breakfast cereal from the 80s and 90s and why?

I would go with Crispy Critters. I don’t think it was around long but that’s probably why I liked it. Cookie crisp and Cracklin oat brand were other special occasion cereals my parents would buy. They still make those though

What would you consider the best movies or cartoons from the 80s and 90s and why?

Obviously, Ninja Turtles was the absolute best cartoon. For some reason or another my family had, what would be considered today, bad taste in movies. We loved My Pet Monster, Garbage Pale Kids, The Wizard, and a lot of horror movies.

Keep the conversation going! Have any comments or questions about Curtis’ collection? Post them below!

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  1. matt k says:

    That Technodrome is Sick!

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