Liberating Nostalgia from Hakes Americana & Collectibles

This weeks assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers was to take a look at the latest auction catalog at Hakes Americana & Collectibles and go on an imaginary shopping spree. For me I wouldn’t call it a shopping spree, I would call it an exercise in…

Toy Liberation!

One thing that I love doing is opening boxed toys. It takes me back to Christmas and Birthdays from the 80s. There is nothing more magical than tearing open a new toy, pouring over the inserts and instructions, and most importantly: meticulously placing the stickers.

My original plan was to run through the auction list and come up with a top 3 list, however that plan was cut short by the sheer volume of awesome things that were up for auction.

I had a look at the drop down list of categories, and went straight for the GI Joe section. Sadly there were no auctions that included anything GI Joe related. It was time to start from the top and work my way down.


005_big006_bigI first hit the Action Figure category and ran across these action figures from Seven Samurai.  Typically these are not my style, but the little Quentin Tarantino inside me was screaming “I want you to buy these toys ok. I want you to take those fuckers, tear open those boxes with reckless abandon, and play some mutha fuckin toys.”

I next stumbled upon a selection of Star Wars playsets.  I would open each of these, set them up, and there is a good chance of a dinosaur invasion happening.  My son would likely insist that his Iron Man and Captain America figures hangout with the Cantina characters for a drink.

My attention was then directed to the various trading card packs that were up for auction. I would love to open each and every one of those packs. I’d flip through them, put them in order, and then likely start randomly giving away my doubles to the Garage Sale of Awesome crew. I was drawn first to the pack that included the Elvis and Beatles wax packs.  My Dad and I are big Elvis and Beatles fans (even though according to Mia Wallace in the Pulp Fiction outtakes you can only be one or the other), so I would invite him over to participate in freeing those trading cards.

I took a cruise through a few of the other league bloggers and tried to find some people that had similar shopping tastes to mine. AEIOU and Sometimes Why found some Star Wars goodies as well as a pretty cool piece of Disneyana. Jathniel Velazquez found some Star Wars action figures (which I hope would get played with), and the first Issue of Iron Man.  I thought the cover art was really rad on that. And finally Cool and Collected rocked out some super heroes on motorcycles, and Thor riding a pink scooter.

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  1. Something about old packs of trading cards gets me excited. Every once in a while I still find myself buying a pack at a dollar store or Toys R Us. I guess it’s the element of surprise that’s wrapped up inside.

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