A Very Lego Christmas

At Christmas time, Nostalgia runs rampant. For those of us that are afflicted with Nostalgia, this is the time of year where we dream about the excitement of being a small child unwrapping our GI Joes, Transformers, He Man figures (or whatever toys were your favourite 80s toys). This year as I dream of Christmas from long, long ago, I am reminded of what I refer to as “A Very Lego Christmas

Cobra Water Moccasin Every year I ask for the same thing from my wife: A complete in box Cobra Water Moccasin. Each year, I get my hopes up, and every year I am let down. It’s actually quite reminiscent of my childhood Christmas gifts as I’d always ask for the coolest toys, and each year would always get the dollar store knock off version. I think my parents set the bar too high, as the first Christmas I really remember I was a spoiled little kid.

The Tale of a Very Lego Christmas

I live in Victoria BC, Canada. Its an island off the west coast of Canada near Vancouver. It is also north of Seattle. Victoria gets about the same weather conditions as Seattle. For those of you that are familiar with Seattle weather patterns, you know that it means we get a ton of rain. It is very, very rare to get a white Christmas, but this Christmas in particular was a white Christmas, so that in itself is very memorable.

I remember waking up, and running to the living room to see our tree all lit up. It was right near the window, so the contrast of snow, light and tinsel created this magical effect that to this day I think of every time I look at a Christmas tree. I think a lot of us have a very vivid memory of the Christmas trees we had as kids.

The Classic Space Lego Christmas Poster

The year was 1982, and it was the year that I was introduced to Space Lego.

The first gift that year I opened was a Space Lego Poster. That poster was on my walls for a very long time. I also was given three space Lego sets that year, which set the stage for my Lego obsession.

This year when my family asked what I wanted for Christmas all I could think of was this particular Christmas, and how awesome the Lego was. This year I asked for Lego, and while I am sure I will not be getting any Lego, I made for damn sure that my son will be getting Lego this year.

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  1. Mason John Allen says:

    Nice! I was way spoiled with LEGO as a kid and I still love LEGO. LEGO was so simple and cool back in the 80s and 90s.

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